Monday, December 12, 2011

Toy Story Showtime App Giveaway!

I am super duper excited to tell y'all
about the new Disney Learning interactive storybook
Toy Story Showtime!

My two year old loves to sit down with my Ipad
and have an absolute blast playing
with Buzz Lightyear and the gang.

He likes it for all the fun games
and cool tap functions.

He's thrilled to
tap tilt, trace, and shake the Ipad
to trigger Buzz’s moves;
and so much more.


Mama likes this App because
designed to help children
explore essential early reading concepts.

Some educational highlights include...


Age-appropriate sight word vocabulary
is explored through storytelling and interactivity.

·Advanced vocabulary is introduced through context,
supported by art and animation, and reinforced through repetition.
Tapping vocabulary words provides age-appropriate definitions.

·Narration with word-by-word highlights
supports the read-along experience.

·End of book activities provide extended
practice with early-learning concepts.

·Info Page offers story extension activities
for parents and caregivers.

(okay...I might have copied and pasted this important info)

guess what?
I am hosting a giveaway
where you can download
Toy Story Showtime!
for free!!!

Here are the details....

You may enter by selecting from the following entry methods:

a) Leave a comment in response to the giveaway prompt on this post

b) Tweet about this giveaway and leave the URL to that tweet in a comment on this post

c) Blog about this giveaway and leave the URL to that post in a comment on this post

d) Become a follower of Leigh vs Laundry Reviews

Please leave a different comment per entry.

The winner will be selected at random
and must be willing to write a review post about the App
and rate the App over at Itunes.

The contest is open from 12/12- 12/19/2011.

Good luck!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wayfair Daydreams

CSN is now Wayfair
but they offer the
same amazing range of products.

If only I still had a little baby
because they offer top rated nursery furniture.

Since we have all boys
and are done having babies
in our home,
(thank you very much)
I like to dream
about what a little girl's
nursery might look like.
Like a sweet purple room
with a big white crib.
Maybe a cheerful room
filled with bright flowers
would be nice in my pretend nursery.

Thanks for the daydreams, Wayfair.
It's back to reality to me.

Where the beds in my home
are covered with Spiderman bedsheets.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mary Kay Giveaway

I am beyond thrilled to be partnering up with
Mary Kay and BlogHer for this review.

I love feeling feminine and I just adore makeup,
so I was super excited to get all dolled up
and try out some of Mary Kay's products.
With this house full of boys,
I treasure feeling like a lady!


My pampering journey started
with the Mary Kay TimeWise Microdermabrasion Set.
This product truly is amazing.
My skin felt so silky and smooth
after I applied the two-step set.
I felt radiant, really,
like an inner light came shining through.
I was off to a good start because
this product was my favorite already.


I also tried the Mary Kay Compact Mini
with the Mineral Eye and Cheek Color.
I really like the convenient case
and let me tell you,
the blush made me look like
I had little apples for cheeks.


The Lash Love Mascara felt
like the applicator was made of tiny angel wings.
I know that sounds weird
but I have a mascara issue in that by the end of the day
I usually look pretty exhausted
because my mascara smudges.
Not with Lash Love,
it lasted all day long.
I have love for this mascara!


The Fuchsia lipstick was a lovely surprise.
I wasn't so sure if it was my color,
but it totally worked on me.
It was long lasting too, which is always a plus.


I must I must admit
that I felt pretty saucy
in my newly made up face.
My husband said that he thought
I looked cute
and then he smacked my butt.
I felt like a pretty lucky lady.

Maybe these Mary Kay products
will be lucky for you too.
In the comments, tell me which Mary Kay products
you would like to check out
to enter to win a gift basket
from Mary Kay and BlogHer valued at $100!

Want more chances to win? Visit the Prizes & Promotions Section on BlogHer


No duplicate comments.

You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:

a) Leave a comment in response to the sweepstakes prompt on this post

b) Tweet about this promotion and leave the URL to that tweet in a comment on this post

c) Blog about this promotion and leave the URL to that post in a comment on this post

d) For those with no Twitter or blog, read the official rules to learn about an alternate form of entry.

This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older from 10/24—11/18/2011.

Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail.

Friday, September 16, 2011

My Memories Giveaway Winner!

I paid a quick visit to
and the winner of the
My Memories Software Giveaway is...

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Memories Giveaway

I am super excited about this giveaway and you should be too!

My Memories is an award winning digital scrapbooking software that is extremely easy and fun to use. I downloaded my software and was thrilled to discover how simple and awesome it is. You can create digital scrapbooks, photo books, calenders, and cards.

Well, today is your lucky day because one reader will win a copy of their fantastic software for free. That's an $80 value!

Here's all the details:
1Visit the My Memories website and choose your favorite digital paper pack or layout, then comment on this blog telling me which ones you chose.

Follow My Memories on Facebook or Twitter for extra entries to the contest.

3. Become a follower of Leigh vs Laundry Reviews.

4. Leave one comment per entry.

5. Be sure that I have a way to contact you.

The contest is open until Friday September 16th when a winner is chosen at random.

Good luck!

Monday, April 25, 2011


So, I headed on over to
to select the winner of my latest giveaway!

The winner is...
Secret Mom Thoughts.

This pretty necklace is all yours!

Would you kindly contact me
with your info within the next 48 hours?

Thank you to all who entered!
A big HUGE thank you to
Snowflower Pie!

Snowflower Pie

Snowflower Pie is the cutest little Etsy shop
that offers vintage inspired handmade jewelry.

Today is your lucky day because you could win
this lovely necklace entitled
"I Have a Secret"

This is what the artist had to say about this
beautiful piece-

"The dainty ,gunmetal, tear drop pendant
is etched with a beautiful floral scene.
The dark gunmetal 16 inch chain is very sophisticated.
I love the mauve colored glass beads on either side of the chain,
adds wonderful interest."

Here's how to enter:
Do one or all...

1. Mandatory first entry-Jump on over to Snowflower Pie shop
and come back to tell me what other item tickles your fancy.

2. Follow Leigh vs Laundry.

3. Like Snowflower Pie on Facebook.

4. Repost the giveaway and include this
awesome button or simply put it on your sidebar.


Be sure to leave a comment for each entry.
Contest open until Friday April, 15, 2011.
The winner will chosen at random.

Good luck my lovelies!

1st Giveaway

When the lovely folks over at CSN Stores approached me about sponsoring a giveaway for my readers I jumped at the opportunity. Who wouldn't want to check out their 200 different websites and select a prize? I was like a kid in a candy store as I checked out their items. Feeling like I was shopping for an old friend, I had so many options as I browsed. I could pick out kids bedding for all the Moms who read my Blog. I could even go the other route and grab some Martini glasses for all the Carrie Bradshaw's out there.

In the end, I settled on something I think that everyone will love and use.

Le Creuset 9" Square Baking Dish with 5" Baking Dish.
{click here for link}

Isn't is just SO 1950's?
(which I'm sure you can guess
is, hands down, my favorite era)
I thought that the Caribbean color
was such a throwback that
I just couldn't resist snatching it up for y'all.

Let's see what these two very smart women have to say about it...


Funny you should ask, Martha.

Here's how to enter:

1) Leave a comment in the comments below.

2) Become a follower to enter a second time.

3) Enter a third time by re-posting this giveaway
on your own blog and leaving a comment with a link to your post.

You could even be wild and crazy and add that button up there to your post.
Here's the code if you have a bee in your bonnet to do that.

Make sure to leave a comment each time you enter
and don't forget to give me your e-mail so we can talk details.

Entries good until 7 a.m. Monday (March 15th) morning.
The winner will be chosen at random and will be announced Monday morning.

Good luck ladies!

Let's Get Physical with CSN.

It's no secret that I truly love CSN.
So, when they asked me to write a review for them
I decided to get myself a little home gym
since I am on a quest to lose weight.


I ordered the Stamima InMotion Pedal Exerciser
and the Stamina InStride Pro Electronic Stepper.

I must say that I really like the the Pedal Exerciser.
Not only because it was simple to put together,
easy to use, lightweight, and portable.
I also enjoy it because I can work out
on my couch,
in my bare feet,
while I drink a beer.


Plus, my thighs get an extra workout
when I squeeze them to keep my beer
from spilling while I peddle.
It's perfect!

As for the Electronic Stepper,
this machine is the real deal.
I stepped on and grabbed the resistance bands
to get a total body workout.

Honestly, I ran out of breath
after using it for five minutes, that's how good it is.
Then I started to sweat and I could feel the burn.

It's compact size makes it easy to store
without it taking up a ton of room.
Somehow, it has taken residence
next to my unfolded laundry basket.


The two have joined forces and taunt me all day.
I'm usually too drunk to let them bother me though.

Just kidding about the drunk part...
a housewife can dream about cocktails at noon, right?
I'd give anything for a White Russian right about now.

Mommy Loves CSN.

I just love to team up with CSN to write a product review. Their website makes for some FUN online shopping! There are a ton of choices for a girl to select from. With over 200 online stores, they have everything from small kitchen appliances to upholstered dining chairs.

I'm not sure what I want to review,
maybe something that would improve my life.

For example...

As a stay at home Mom,
I don't really make the time to hop in the shower like I should.
Maybe this would entice me to groom on a regular basis...

Come to Mommy!

Then again, I need to exercise more.
I wish that I could find some exercise equipment
where I could just sit on the couch
and drink wine
while I work on my fitness.

This mini cycle would do the trick.
I could just sit and watch The Jersey Shore
and tighten my quads at the same time.

You know what else?
I'm sick of cooking dinner.
I want to just throw a bunch of junk in a pot
and then forget about it for the rest of the day.

This slow cooker would hook me up.

Last but not least,
I'm seriously considering sitting around
and eating Bon Bons all day.
This would help my cause considerably...

It's not like I'm busy or anything.


<span class=

As you might have guessed from yesterday's post,
I went all out and decided to get myself
a sparkly chandelier to review for CSN.
I was super indulgent and now I am so thrilled that
I decided to just go for it!

The CSN website is very user friendly
as I clicked my way over to,
I was surprised to discover how intuitive it felt
to search for the fixture that I wanted.
I simply selected mini chandeliers
and then chose to be shown my selection
according to price from lowest to highest.

Then, there was my chandelier in all it's glory.
After trying to talk myself into being more practical,
I finally decided to order it.
Thank God it was quick and easy to order and pay
because I didn't want to lose my gumption.

I was a bit nervous about purchasing
a non returnable item that was so fragile.
When it arrived a few days later,
I was thrilled to find that it had be packed so professionally
that every single piece was intact and accounted for.

I even did a little dance around my dining room
because I was so excited to put my new chandelier up.
My husband got right to it
and didn't even cuss once because the directions were so thorough.

So now, my dining room is complete!
She sparkles and shimmers in the morning light
while I eat my breakfast.
Thank you CSN for adding some glamour to my life.

Okay, I'll just go ahead and say it;

I heart CSN!



<span class=

A while back the folks at eShakti offered me a sample of their clothes. I was thrilled after I read the details about this awesome company. Here are a few facts that won me over to eShakti. You can send in your measurements and get custom made clothes. You can also make custom changes to any garment such as sleeve, neckline, or length. Amazing, I know!

My dress arrived and I just had to do a little self portrait for y'all to see my fancy schmancy new dress. I tried my hardest to vamp it up for the photo but I think that I ended up looking like I just ate a Sour Patch Kid, I'm just a dork like that. That's okay though...I still feel luscious in it. It could not have come at a better time as I recently declared to try to put on lipstick and make an effort to look like a lady before I leave the house each day. This new dress is certainly helping my cause!

It does feel rather lavish to be able to custom design my own dress. I just sent in my measurements online when I placed my order and then this curvy girl hoped for the best.

When I received my package and tried on my dress, I was thrilled to find that it fit like a curvaceous glove. I will defiantly be ordering more custom clothes from eShakti and if you are smart, you will too.

Scroll on down to see the winner of Freakshow Friday!